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Every Restaurant Owner Should Know Perfect Cooling Temperature

It is important to have restaurant equipment to carry out daily operations. For food storage, refrigerators and coolers those are used. For any business, lower temperature cooling is an important part, so it is essential to keep all those equipment in good working states. When you started a business, equipment was new as well. It will only run neatly if maintained well, though it is just 3 months ago or some years.

As an owner of a restaurant, you should participate actively in refrigeration maintenance. You must have a technician to take care of its all larger maintenance parts, but apart from just that there are some things, those needs to be taken care to work your equipment last long and well.

The Highest priority of any business is its energy efficiency. With proper maintenance, your refrigerators and coolers will work efficiently as they should work on their parts. Else, a downhill spiral will be seen as the year passes and as a result you will either need to repair or replace the equipment.

It is important for food safety to regularly maintain the equipment. There are various requirements those need to be carried out for cold food storing and its safety reasons. If your refrigerator is not working in good condition, you may risk your customers to become sick. It may happen for just one time and you may have to suffer ad consequences. So for that reason, it is important that you must repair your equipments soon as possible, but you must also know the things to prevent it. So we have also provided some tips for keeping your food fresh for long time.

A restaurant equipment company has seen the badly maintained equipment. They wish to educate the restaurant owners to learn the refrigeration maintenance so that their equipment will last longer and run more efficiently. Altogether, it can be confirmed that your food and beverages are stored safely. Tips to maintain your restaurant fridge by which one can easily prepare refreshing and chilled drinks at bars and restaurants.

Avoiding Restaurant Refrigerator Repairs:

As you are always around your refrigerator, you should not wait until it breaks down to pay attention to it. There are some indications those were seen before it breaks down. And if you see them, immediately call refrigeration expert for repairing purposes. If you will take care of these small things, they can create huge differences;

  • Your refrigerator must have empty space around it. It can strain for working if space around is blocked. It can heat up the area as the air is not circulating around the appliance. As a result, your kitchen will become hotter and will experience frequent breakdowns, and it may shorten the life of your refrigerator considerably. Proper space must be left between walls and refrigerator and no clutter should be stored in that space.
  • You must correctly set the defrost frequency and temperature. USDA, the FDA, the state health dept, and other authorities determined that your food must be stored at safer temperatures. Potentially hazardous food must be stored at 40Fas 41F is the max allowed temperature for refrigeration.
  • In order to save energy and heat, inside lights of the refrigerator must be turned off if it is not being used. Otherwise, more energy will be consumed and it will become harder for the refrigerator to keep things cooler.
  • Proper checking of hinges, seals, gaskets, latches, and other parts should be done to avoid leakages. The doors of the refrigerator should be always airtight. If pressure resistant is not showing, then surely there is a leakage happening somewhere.
  • Restaurant refrigerator must be cleaned from inside on regular basis. You can take guidance from the owner’s manual for specific cleaning instructions. For cleaning, any bleach, caustic or abrasive shouldn’t be used.

Schedule for tuning up the refrigerator:

The process of tuning up means tasting and inspecting everything on the refrigerator. There are adjustments done if needed on the whole unit. The level of refrigeration is adjusted if needed and the oiling is done for the parts. You will be getting the detailed report of the exact refrigerator condition and you will come to know about what repairs are required like heating and air conditioning, handyman and electrical services.

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