Ricardo Cervantes & Alfredo Livas | La Monarca Bakery

Not all pan dulce is created equal. Ricardo Cervantes and Alfredo Liva's La Monarca Bakery stands above your average panadería, by adding a refined approach to the world of made-from-scratch, all natural pan dulce, pastries and coffee. Ricardo and Alfredo, grew up in Monterrey Nuevo León enjoying the rich variety of cakes, pastries and breads which are household staples in Mexico. They started La Monarca Bakery with the purpose of bringing these delicious traditions to Los Angeles. With six locations and quickly growing, La Monarca Bakery has proven to be a success among Angelenos and their growing appreciation of authentic and high quality Mexican cuisine.

In addition to everyone's favorite pan dulce: the concha. There are guava paste and chocolate-filled cuernitos, single-origin (Oaxaca) organic coffee and cold-brewed coffee, amazing cakes, including a pillowy tres-leches cakes, buttery agave cookies, frothy Mexican hot chocolate, and wholesome cazuelas made with house-made warm bolillo rolls.

La Monarca Bakery is a founding member of The Taste of Mexico Association and we're proud that together, we are elevating the expectations of Mexican cuisine in Los Angeles, one concha at a time.