Josh Gil, Daniel Snukal | Hamburguesas Punta Cabras

From the minds that brought you Tacos Punta Cabras in Santa Monica (Josh Gil and Daniel Snuka), comes Hamburguesas Punta Cabras in downtown Los Angeles. Located right in the heart of the historic core on Spring street and 6th street, along all of the trendy coffee shops and trendy boutiques; hamburguesas Punta Cabras fits right in. The restaurant and menu might be tiny, but their fast casual, affordable Mexican-tinged burgers packs some huge flavor. $6 gets you a perfectly seared juicy beef, turkey or homemade black bean burger with a scoop of curried guacamole, charred Mexican green onion relish and a slice of Tillamook cheddar cheese.

For a couple more bucks, you can get their "Chicano" rendition of In-N-Out animal-style fries, except, these perfectly crispy thin fries come slathered with a chorizo-fundido style gravy with all of the homemdade spicy chipotle ketchup that you can handle. If this still isn't Mexican enough for you, you can order a side of their charred nopal-tomato salsa. Which, believe us, tastes just as amazing on a burger as it does on a tluyuda. Drinks-wise, a Mexican coke or Cactus Cooler has got your back.