Vicente Del Río | FRIDA Tacos

Did Mexican food exist in Old Pasadena before Frida Tacos? Perhaps, but it was probably not eaten al fresco on Colorado Boulevard and we bet the salsas weren’t as good and they probably didn’t use sliced Rib Eye for their tacos de carne asada either. Located in the alleyway behind Jake’s Billards, Frida’s Tacos might be Old Pasadena’s best kept secret yet.

Frida Tacos in Pasadena joins the Frida Tacos family in Brentwood, Melrose and Westside Pavillion, all part of Frimex Hospitality Group founded by Vicente Del Rio, the Chef behind Frida Restaurant in Beverly Hills and Westwood. Frida Tacos offers a straightforward menu of delicious tacos, but you’ll find dishes like Enchiladas Suizas as well. A special preparation of enchiladas that involves a zesty, thick salsa verde topped with Mexican sour cream that you can’t find at many Mexican restaurants stateside. Not to mention that the stewed black beans at Frida Tacos will impress even the proudest of Mexican grandmas. When it comes to tacos, they are extra generous with their fillings. All the better to fuel you for your long day of shopping, especially their tacos filled with boldly seasoned braised beef barbacoa and caramelized juicy pork carnitas. Just make sure to load up all of their aforementioned amazing salsas. 

Don’t sleep on their Flan Napolitano, which just might be one of the best flanes in Los Angeles. Silky, creamy, rich and barely sweet despite the strong burnt sugar caramel flavor that keeps you coming back bite after bite until it is all gone.