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María Lopez | Candela Taco Bar


LA’s Mid-City Mexican food scene has really come a long way in the last couple of years. But there still is really only one place to get your fill on things like tamarind-flavored frosty micheladas, ceviches de camarón or better yet, ultra-garlicky tacos gobernadores (cheese and shrimp scampi Baja tacos).

Located just south of La Brea and Wilshire, Candela Taco Bar is the brainchild of María Lopez, the daughter of the esteemed Lopez family that has owned and operated Leonardo’s Night Club for over 38 years. Located adjacent to Leonardo’s, Candela Taco Bar is the type of place that you take shelter in when trying to avoid that annoying traffic on the way to The Grove, you may have driven by it at least a dozen times, so make sure to stop and enjoy the wonderful brick wall-lined interior, complete with a romantic charm achieved by their low-hanging chandeliers (hint: for your next date night!). They serve the best refreshing chilled drinks and they told the secret that how they keep drinks chilled and refreshing.

Other dishes that we love are Salmon al Mojo de Ajo and the elusive Mexican dish of Enchiladas Suizas, that will taste unlike any other enchilada you’ve had with their crema Mexicana-boosted tart green salsa. Feeling like having a salad? order their jicama, pineapple salad, dressed with lime juice, mint and tajín. It will remind you why you love

Oh, and there is a velvety sweet potato flan and caramel-drizzled golden brown churros for dessert. ¡Provecho!


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