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Jesse Angel Gómez & José Acevedo | Maradentro

Bringing the bright, rich flavors of Mexican seafood to Studio City, Maradentro joins Jesse Gomez’s and Executive Chef/Partner Jose Acevedo’s other stellar Los Angeles restaurants—Mercado (in three locations) and Yxta Cocina Mexicana. Maradentro means “the sea inside.”

Owner Jesse Gomez and Chef Jose Acevedo

Jesse Gomez and Jose Acevedo have reinvented the wheel at Maradentro. And by wheel, we mean guacamole, since he went ahead and added crispy bits of Nueske’s bacon and chunks of plump lobster—the tortilla chips are freshly fried, flaky and served warm too. Salivating yet? Well, how about with a tart tamarindo mezcal cocktail?

It’s possible that Maradentro is perhaps LA’s most underestimated at the moment, with their innovative-yet-still-traditional takes on Mexican coastal cuisine. Which includes options like a cioppino-like, Siete Mares-stuffed chile relleno and Oysters “Rajafellar” with chile poblano strips and queso añejo. For dessert, enjoy their Tres Leches Budino, a fluffy sponge cake topped with Oaxacan chocolate custard.


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