NATALIE CURIE, El Coraloense

Natalie Curie 

Combining the names of the natives from Nayarit and Sinaloa, Mexico, El Coraloense has a special category in mariscos. Chef Natalie Curie and the rest of her family create unbelievably creative dishes- starting with the names. Ranging from 'La Embarazada' to '' this place keeps you on your toes with papa Leonardo's taboo menu item names. But the creativity doesn't stop there, they humbly say they dress the average ceviche and "put a tuxedo on it." From their shrimp ceviche tostada 'Mango' topped with diced mango and carrot sauce, to the 'Taco a La Diabla'- be careful it really does pack a punch, to Natalie's favorite la 'Mariquita', El Coraloense is the place to be on a hot summer day. 

El Coraloense is built upon Leonardo Curie's ambition- from managing a bridal shop to opening up El Coraloense in 2003. Natalie Curie has stepped in on behalf of her parents with the business aspect while her brother Leo and Marco develop the dishes behind the scenes. With one location already in place, will there be any more popping up in the future? Maybe Huntington Park according to Natalie! Lets keep our fingers crossed 


El Coraloense | 6600 Florence Ave | Bell Gardens, CA | (562) 776-8800