JESSE GOMEZ, Yxta | Mercado


From working at his family’s restaurant "El Arco Iris," to working for a city councilman, Jesse Gomez decided it was time to go back to his roots in '09. With the help from a chef from Chiapas, Mexico he developed a menu for his newly inspired restaurant- Yxta Cocina Mexicana. You may ask yourself, what does Yxta mean? Yxta Maya Murray was Jesse's professor at Loyola Law School-her unique and mystifying name was the perfect fit for Jesse's new venture.

Yxta doesn't concentrate on solely one region of Mexican dining, but offers an array of dishes that exemplifies every part of Mexican cooking. Some of the most popular dishes include the tender 'Carnitas Tacos' and 'Al Pastor Tacos' for lunchtime and the 'Alambres de Arrachera' for dinner. Jesse enjoys creating the simple and authentic street-food 'Tacos Al Pastor' for himself when he has a moment to spare. Aside from the food, Yxta offers an upscale environment with excellent service and cocktails to match.

Jesse is currently in the developing stages of opening a new restaurant, 'Mar Adentro,' (another creatively composed name) a seafood establishment that will be located in Eagle Rock. 

601 S Central Ave Los Angeles, CA 90021