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Day: July 29, 2018

How to keep your food fresh

Some foods have a tendency to rotten easily. As we know, food is quite expensive nowadays, so it does not make any sense to just buy it and through it after it gets rotten. For keeping a food in a good condition, the storage place of food must be proper and it should be kept in a perfect way.

Usually, we make a huge investment in buying food, and it is quite hard to see it getting thrown by us. There are foods which are tending to rotten rapidly and it has a certain lifespan. So it is not at all a good idea to buy a food in bulk. Rather, they should be brought as per requirements, in order to keep it fresh. If in case, the food is brought in bulk, then a proper arrangement of place should be done for its storage. Food should be packed properly to prevent it from getting rotten. So, the freshness of the food should be properly maintained and every day, freshly bought food is always better, after packing properly you should always keep it in a cool place, you can use a chest freezer that can easily help to maintain its freshness for a long time.

What is the Remedy to keep the food fresh?

Bananas: It is always good to eat a banana every day. It is normally bought in stock. They have a tendency to get rotten up as they ripped fast. As a result, they become unhealthy to eat. To keep them protected from perishing, Banana stems must be tied up with a plastic. The gas called Ethylene gas helps a fruit to ripe. So on wrapping, a fruit remains fresh for a longer time. It helps to make the gas production process slower. Apart from this, fruits like plums, pears, tomatoes also emit gas, so they should be kept separately from other eatables.

Lettuce Leaves: Paper towel must be used in the refrigerator to keep the Lettuce leaves fresh for a longer period. It helps in water absorption from the food basket. As a result, the lettuce leaves do not get soggy. Due to that lettuce and other fruits remain fresh for a longer period.

Potatoes:  Normally, every home has potato stocks for consumption. They are used in making various dishes. Potatoes generally sprout up on keeping them for a longer time. So they should be stored in a dry and colder place to prevent them from sprouting up.

Mushrooms: When there is a question of food storage, we normally use plastic bags. For mushrooms to remain fresh for a longer period, they should be kept in a paper bag. Paper bag helps mushrooms to stay away from moisture and as a result, prevent them from rotting.

Celery: At all homes, celery is commonly used. You can make a use of Aluminum Foil to keep the Celery fresh for a long time. You need to check for all the stock to get cleared before storing and make it completely dry as well. This will surely help in the prevention of moisture to the celery.

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