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Day: May 18, 2015

Connie Cossio & Segio Peñuelas | Coni’Seafood

Pescado Sarandeado is freshly-caught, charred whole fish and it is the official dish of Mexican beaches. That is, until Connie Cosio, originally from Acaponeta, Nayarit, and Sergio Peñuelas, from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, opened Coni’Seafood in Los Angeles and brought the emblematic coastal Mexican dish to the city of Angels, and dare we say that it tastes just as good as enjoying it under a few palm trees on a hammock?

The secret is a simple one: their dedication to sourcing the absolute best quality seafood. For starters, their fish of choice for this preparation is snook fish, a medium-flake fish that retains its meatiness through the grilling process and doesn’t have as many pesky bones as other fish. To finish this seafood feast, there is a pile of umami-intensive caramelized onions that add an extra layer of unforgettable flavor to your DIY fish tacos.

If the sarandeado is that good, you can imagine how good their ceviche preparations are. Including a variation of a ceviche that they offer on their botana side of the menu, called tostaditos. Which, is essentially freshly fried flaky tostadas piled high with chopped raw shrimp, tender octopus and sea snails and a little creamy marlin pate to round out the richness.

Then, there is chef Peñuelas’s deftness with shrimp. Which, may or may not include a simple sauté of camarones borrachos, a simple dish properly cooked shrimp swimming in a tangy, tequila-heavy spicy sauce.

Conveniently located a few miles away from LAX, this restaurant and the friendly staff is the perfect welcoming experience for any family or friends coming from out of town, or, a good pit stop to let the uncontrollable Los Angeles traffic settle down while being a good friend and picking up your friend at the airport. Especially, with a couple of their micheladas in hand.

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